3S S.A.

3S S.A.
3S S.A.
ul. Ligocka 103/8
44-568 Katowice
Tel: +48 (32) 428 83 00
3S is a group of companies from the telecommunications industry, located in the area of Silesian province (Katowice). 3S has its own optical fiber network, the length of which exceeds 2700 km as well as the largest data center in Silesia – one of the most modern such facilities in Poland. The Group, present on the market since 2002, so far has offered its service under the brand 3S ƚląskie Sieci ƚwiatƂowodowe. Since 2012, it has been operating under a simplified name 3S. The group consists of: 3S SA, established as a result of the merge of TKP SA and 3S Sp. z o.o. (which builds and provides fiber-optic infrastructure and telecom services) and 3S Data Center S.A (which manages the data center). We invite you to the world of 3S, a leading telecommunications operator which is active in the south of Poland.