Julia Janssen-Holldiek, Head of the Certified Senders Alliance (CSA): “Email is not dead, nor will it die. It’s a borderless format.”

The Certified Senders Alliance (CSA) seems to be one of the best alliances for improving the quality of email delivery. It does this by maintaining a whitelist of bulk senders that help to deal with problems, such as spam or phishing.

MarketingDirecto.com recently had the opportunity to learn more about the functioning of the CSA. For this purpose, we traveled to Cologne in order to attend the 2017 dmexco, where we were able to interview Julia Janssen-Holldiek, Head of the Certified Senders Alliance.

“The general purpose of the CSA is to increase the quality of commercial emails, including, for example, newsletters, bills or order confirmations. For this purpose, we develop legal and technical quality criteria based on the law and the requirements of the companies that distribute the emails, the Internet Service Provider,” says Julia Janssen-Holldiek.

“The CSA can certify companies that actually send bulk emails from their own servers. The sovereignty of the IP is decisive,” she points out, emphasizing the main benefits of preventing emails from ending up in the spam folder, the assistance offered by the CSA in communicating with ISP´s and the CSA trust seal, which is “synonymous with professionalism in email marketing”.

“We have 110 certified companies and nearly 50 international partners,” such as Microsoft, Yahoo! or AOL. “We create a community that builds the standards of the future. In our events, we enable certified senders and partners to exchange on plans and challenges,” says Julia Janssen-Holldiek. “But we have also something to offer for companies which are not (yet) certified: In our Workshops we educate companies about legal and technical standards.“

“It is very important to address the international market because email is a borderless format,” she emphasizes, putting the focus on some of the main difficulties that the marketers find when implementing their email marketing strategies.

“The main difficulty is that most marketers measure quantity rather than quality when talking about campaign results. It is easy to grow a database of email addresses in terms of quantity, but developing effective campaigns which grow the conversion rate is a lot more complicated.”

Another upcoming challenge is the new General Data Protection Regulation that will enter into force next year. “Stricter laws with a resultant increase in fines. Now is the time to start getting ready.”

“The email has not died, nor is it going to die,” says Julia Janssen-Holldiek. “It is the basic communication technology. The way we consume email will change, but not the technique.”

This is a translation of the original Spanish interview by MarketingDirecto.com – Find the original interview here.

Julia Janssen-Holldiek