Podcast: Protecting Intellectual Property Across Borders

Protecting Intellectual Property Across Borders

Interview with Patent Attorney Dr. Rolf Claessen

Different countries, different legal systems and different courts: a major issue for technology enterprises is how to effectively protect their intellectual property across borders. Trademarks can be registered in other countries or existing trademarks can be extended internationally.

Dr. Rolf Claessen, an international patent attorney at the Freischem law firm in Cologne and an eco member, gives eco’s Cáit Kinsella his top three tips for companies looking to protect their intellectual property in Germany.

Rolf’s tips are helpful for companies extending their reach to Germany for the first time and for companies already established in Europe’s largest economy, but looking to introduce new products to the German market.

At the eco session on Wednesday, 16 March 2016 at the WHDs in Rust, Rolf will be speaking about dealing with the law in Germany and will give an overview of intellectual property law, patenting and brand protection in Germany. He will also moderate a panel discussion on the Do’s and Don’ts of German business culture on the same morning.

With the panelists, all very experienced in advising companies looking to break into the German market, he will tease out some of the most important aspects worth considering when dealing with German business people.

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